About Tony Luk

Dear Scarborough-Agincourt Resident,

Over the past 30+ years (and running), Tony has been a resident, volunteer, entrepreneur, husband, father and most recently, grandfather in the Scarborough-Agincourt community. In 1974, at the young age of 16, Tony moved to Toronto from Hong Kong to attend high school – an initially tough adjustment that opened the path to establishing CanHome Group, an immigration consultancy firm, in 1989. As Founder and President of CanHome Group, Tony has helped numerous foreign nationals immigrate to and settle in Canada – a testament to his commitment to growing and building diversity within his community. 

Aside from his work with CanHome Group, Tony has been involved with the local community on multiple fronts. He currently serves as a Vice President & Director for the Scarborough York Region Chinese Business Association and is part of the World Baden-Powell Fellowship, which recognizes individuals who actively contribute to the World Scout Foundation. Tony also hosts a weekly radio talk show that answers listeners’ questions on immigration issues and has contributed to SARS and COVID-19 local pandemic recovery efforts. For over 5 years, Tony served on the Toronto Police Service’s Community Consultative Committee and as a Director of the Cross-Cultural Community Services Association and Centre for Immigrant and Community Services. 

In past years, Tony has been selected as a key member of Team Ontario and Team Canada’s Trade Mission and Business Delegations to Hong Kong and China. His understanding of vital international business topics led him to serve with former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, former Prime Minister Paul Martin, former Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty and most recently, former Prime Minister Stephen Harper. In the 2008 Summer Olympics, Tony was selected as one of a handful of volunteers to represent Canada.

For his efforts, Tony has been recognized with multiple recognitions and awards, including the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal, Canada 150 Medal, Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal, RBC Top 25 Canadian Immigrants (2017) and Ontario Volunteer 35-Year Service Award. 

Tony’s long-standing involvement with the local community, along with his intimate understanding of new immigrants’ needs and desires combined with his extensive business knowledge, makes him the ideal candidate to serve both long-time Torontonians and newcomers in the ever-diverse community of Scarborough-Agincourt.  His gratitude to the city that welcomed him so many years ago is directly reflected in his substantial community involvement and provides him with the necessary tools and desire to serve you as City Councillor of Ward 22. If elected, Tony will continue to serve Scarborough-Agincourt residents as he always has – with an unwavering level of commitment, passion and understanding. 

Tony and his wife, Annie, have been married for 35 years and have 2 children and one grandchild, all of whom are also residents of Scarborough-Agincourt.