My Journey to Canada: Chapter Four


Hardships aside, I have been blessed with over 30 great years of running my business. The business as it is, can practically run itself with some gentle guidance here and there thanks to my dedicated team. This has allowed me to increase my giving of both my time and financial resources over the past few years. The realization that this business will fade once I am gone has not been overlooked. This community will be my lasting legacy to leave to my children, my grandchild, future grand children and generations to come as they grow up in this community.

My next chapter, is up to you my friends. My pledge to you, is that the knowledge and networks from the entirety of my life’s work will be brought with me into this next journey of continuous improvement and growth of our great community.

January 15th 2021, marks this next milestone.

I encourage you all to vote for the candidate of your choosing. Stay positive, test negative, and be safe. See you all at the polls.

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