Vote For Tony Luk on January 15th

For City Councillor-Ward 22 Scarborough-Agincourt

On behalf of Ontario Premier Doug Ford, Aris Babikian, Member of Provincial Parliament, recently presented a Certificate of Recognition to Tony Luk, commending Tony and the Guangdong Chamber of Commerce in Canada for their contributions in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic in Ontario.

Never Forget to Give Back to Society

Tony Luk has always been enthusiastic about public welfare. During the SARS and COVID-19 pandemics, Tony donated both money and materials to various charities and people in need – this year was no different.

Tony founded CanHome Group, a one-stop shop for Canadian immigration services, over 31 years ago. The firm is one of the oldest immigration consultancies in the country and has helped thousands of new immigrants achieve their dream of moving to Canada and reuniting with loved ones. This has, in turn, brought skilled labour to Canada, bolstering economic activity and fostering innovation.

As an active member of the Chinese and new immigrant community, Tony cares deeply about newcomers, their needs and their desires. However, having resided in Toronto for over 45 years, Tony also understands what long-time local residents need in a city councillor. This unique balance will allow him to best serve the evolving community of Scarborough-Agincourt.


Tony has been awarded various awards for his contribution to the community: Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal, Canada 150 Medal, Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal, RBC Top 25 Canadian Immigrants (2017), Ontario Volunteer 35-Year Service Award, Toronto Police Certificate of Appreciation and Scouts Certificate of Commendation

King Carl XVI of Sweden awarded Tony Luk the Certificate of World Scout Fellowship

Tony awarded RBC Top 25 Canadian Immigrants, Ontario Volunteer 35-Year Service Award and Toronto Police Certificate of Appreciation

Tony with members of the local police services and other community residents

On Election Day (January 15, 2021), Scarborough-Agincourt residents will have the opportunity to vote for a new Ward 22 Scarborough-Agincourt City Councillor, a position previously held by Jim Karygiannis. Having lived in Canada for 46 years, Tony Luk has come across Canadians from all cultures, religions and walks of life. He truly understands the needs of the local community and will use his platform to help all voices be heard.

Tony has lived in Scarborough-Agincourt for more than 30 years and is full of love, gratitude and familiarity with the community. He hopes to use his understanding of the community, interpersonal skills, business sense and sincere desire to serve in order to help the ward reach its full potential as a welcoming, prosperous and inclusive community.

Tony working with Former Scarborough-Agincourt City Councillor, Toronto Transit Commission CEO Rick Leary and Amalgamated Transit Union Local 113 President Carlos Santos to supply the local community with COVID-19 personal protective equipment



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